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2019 Performing Arts Center Referendum

On April 2, the G-E-T School District will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum question asking for an amount not to exceed $9,800,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of constructing and equipping a performing arts center addition at G-E-T High School.

Referendum Key Facts

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    Well-planned process

    Carefully researched, fiscally responsible, professionally planned

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    Staying Competitive

    Provides students the same experiences as other students in the area

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    Student & Community Use

    Creates opportunities for both students and community members

Tax Impact

Property ValueYearlyMonthly
$200, 000$14.00$1.17

Assumptions: 20-year borrowing at estimated interest rate of 4.50%. Principal repayment planned to begin after drop in existing debt payments. Mill rate based on 2018 Equalized Valuation (TID-OUT) of $735,061,024 with no annual growth thereafter. Impact represents the increase in mill rate over the 2018-19 base rate for debt service on all outstanding issues of $2.79. If the referendum fails, the levy for debt service could remain flat or decline.

Did you know?

  • The community-wide survey indicated 52% of all residents supported building a performing arts center
  • G-E-T is the only district in our surrounding area without an auditorium, and 1 of only 2 in our conference without one.
  • Our current gymnatorium is 66 years old, built in 1953
  • The gymnatorium hosts 350+ plays, concerts, presentations and practices, as well as 200+ athletic and youth sports events each year
  • Our a cappella vocal group “Vocal Point” has been in the Top 20 in the country for the last seven years.

2018–19 Local School Mill Rate Comparison

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Why a Performing Arts Center?

The school board voted to go to referendum for the construction of a Performing Arts Center. We are excited by this opportunity to provide a high quality educational experience for all of our students. Below are some considerations the school board addressed in deciding to pursue this project.

Research and Planning

The school board carefully researched and professionally planned for the addition of a performing arts center in a fiscally responsible way. The school district has considered improvements to the 66 year-old gymnatorium for ten years. The addition of sound panels and new bleachers in the south gym were temporary fixes as the stage cannot hold a full band and the space has many usage conflicts. A year ago, the school board brought in an outside company to conduct a facility analysis to help with long range planning. The facility study showed all the school district’s buildings are in good shape and with ongoing maintenance should last for the foreseeable future.

One area identified as a long-term planning consideration was a performing arts center. In light of this recommendation, the school board consulted with an architect and a construction management firm to evaluate possible designs and cost. The school board has been fiscally responsible by paying off debt early which would allow a performing arts center to be built with a minimal impact on the current tax rate. The maximum increase to the mill rate over the 20 year loan would be $0.07 which would equal $10.50 for a $150,000 home next year. To determine public support, the school board hired an independent company to survey the community about a new performing arts center. The survey showed 52% of the community supported the project, 37% opposed it, and 11% were undecided. As a result, the school district moved on to the next stages.

Staying Competitive

Our students deserve the same experiences every other student in our area is getting. G-E-T is the only district in our surrounding area, and one of only two school districts in our conference, who do not have a dedicated performance arts space. With open enrollment becoming a bigger factor in school budgets, we are sending our community’s tax dollars to other school districts when families choose to open enroll out. We want to do everything we can to ensure families choose G-E-T as the school district to educate their students. A modern performing arts space will give our students the experience they deserve and draw families and students to our community and schools.

All Kids and the Community Will Benefit

Every student in our school district uses the current gymnatorium multiple times a year and dozens of times over their K-12 career at G-E-T. It is used for concerts at all levels for students from all buildings. It is used for plays and musicals as well as assemblies, presentations, inservices and community programs. The current stage and bleachers are used 201 evenings out of the year with another 151 uses during the day by students and staff. The gym is reserved for 203 practices and games for school district teams and youth sports throughout the year. This high demand creates many conflicts and reduces the ability of groups to get the time they need to practice and perform. A new performing arts center will benefit all students for generations to come, open up the gymnasium for other groups, and eliminate many of the conflicts we currently have.

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