Aasen, Jennifer

Position: Science Teacher
Email: jenniferaasen@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2714

Amoth, Jill

Position: Paraeducator
Email: jillamoth@getschools.k12.wi.us

Barkeim, Deb

Position: Paraeducator
Email: debbarkeim@getschools.k12.wi.us

Bawek, Melanie

Position: Grade 8 Science Teacher
Email: melaniebawek@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2818

Bergum, John

Position: Grade 6 Math Teacher
Email: johnbergum@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2612

Bork, Jeff

Position: Grade 7 Math Teacher
Email: jeffbork@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2720

Campbell, Stacie

Position: Paraeducator
Email: staciecampbell@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2213

Cogdill, Emalea

Position: Business Teacher
Email: emaleacogdill@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1074

Docken, Marcy

Position: Food Service
Email: marcydocken@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2413

Erickson, Selisa

Position: Grade 6 Lang. Arts Teacher
Email: selisaerickson@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2610

Fanta, Teresa

Position: Reading Specialist/Dean of Students - Ettrick Elementary
Email: teresafanta@getschools.k12.wi.us

Graf, Lois

Position: Secretary
Email: loisgraf@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2011

Halderson, Lyn

Position: Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher
Email: lynhalderson@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2712

Harris, Roxanne

Position: School Counselor
Email: roxanneharris@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2216

Heineck, Kris

Position: Speech / Language Pathologist
Email: krisheineck@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2313

Helmers, Angie

Position: Paraeducator
Email: angiehelmers@getschools.k12.wi.us

Hogden, Barbara

Position: School Nurse
Email: barbarahogden@getschools.k12.wi.us
Website:Website: https://sites.google.com/a/getschools.k12.wi.us/health-services/

Horton, Allene

Position: Technology Coordinator/Grade 6 Research Skills Teacher
Email: allenehorton@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1640

Jenkins, Rhonda

Position: Secretary
Email: rhondajenkins@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2010

Kamrowski, Rob

Position: Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher
Email: robertkamrowski@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2822

Knutson, Laura

Position: Special Education Teacher
Email: lauraknutson@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2620

Lavery, Angie

Position: Art Teacher
Email: angelalavery@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 3301

Leavitt, Sue

Position: Food Service
Email: sueleavitt@getschools.k12.wi.us

Ledebuhr, Anna

Position: Grade 8 Math Teacher
Email: annaledebuhr@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2816

Locke, Kit

Position: Paraeducator
Email: kitlocke@getschools.k12.wi.us

Merry-Jumbeck, Anne

Position: Paraeducator
Email: annejumbeck@getschools.k12.wi.us

Moak, Kyra

Position: Vocal Music Teacher
Email: kyramoak@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 3302

North, Samantha

Position: Food Service
Email: samanthanorth@getschools.k12.wi.us

Ottum, Aaron

Position: Technology Education Teacher
Email: aaronottum@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1084

Pehl, Jessica

Position: Paraeducator
Email: jessicapehl@getschools.k12.wi.us

Peterson, Pete

Position: G-E-T Middle School Principal
Email: petepeterson@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2016

Roh, Pam

Position: Health Teacher
Email: pamroh@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1026

Rotering, Britta

Position: Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher/Career & Technical Education Coordinator
Email: brittarotering@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1064

Ruud, Nichole

Position: Autism Teacher
Email: nicholeruud@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 5026

Sacia, Abigail

Position: ESL Teacher
Email: abigailsacia@getschools.k12.wi.us

Schacherl, Kim

Position: Instrumental Music Teacher
Email: kimschacherl@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2228

Schams, Kelly

Position: Spanish Teacher
Email: kellyschams@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1028

Schmidt, Rick

Position: Grade 6 Science Teacher
Email: rickschmidt@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2614

Schmidtknecht, John

Position: Custodian
Email: johnschmidtknecht@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2519

Schmuck, Jason

Position: Grade 7 Geography Teacher
Email: jasonschmuck@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2718

Seiling, Jennifer

Position: Paraeducator
Email: jenniferseiling@getschools.k12.wi.us

Shaw, Megan

Position: LMC Director
Email: meganshaw@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1036

Smidt, Doyle

Position: Physical Education Teacher
Email: doylesmidt@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 3303

Stoner, Cheryl

Position: Food Service Manager
Email: cherylstoner@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 1030

Swift, Cheyenne

Position: Reading Interventionist
Email: cheyenneswift@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2425

Taysom, Carrie

Position: Special Education Teacher
Email: carrietaysom@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2310

Teske, Kassandra

Position: Paraeducator
Email: kassandrateske@getschools.k12.wi.us

Truax, Suzanne

Position: Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher
Email: suzannetruax@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2824

Vogelsberg, Jennifer

Position: School Psychologist
Email: jennifervogelsberg@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2311

Wagner, Mark

Position: Physical Education Teacher
Email: markwagner@getschools.k12.wi.us
Phone Extension: 2115

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