Community Service Criteria and Form


Community Service Form
Beginning with the graduating class of 2001, all G-E-T High School students will be required to earn 1/2 credit of “Community Service”. This credit requirement will be satisfied with an approved project or projects totaling 60 hours.

Students may earn community service hours in a variety of ways. These would include, but are not limited to, activities involving assistance to youth or staff in our school district, volunteer work for non-profit organizations (recycling centers, nursing homes, hospitals, community or civic organizations, churches), summer youth activities, etc. The service may not result in money earned as payment for the student. The high school Youth Serving Youth Program will qualify at this time.

Students must complete a “Community Service” form (see link above) for each project performed. This form is also available in the Counseling Office. Each project should be pre-approved by the Principal or a Counselor. Final approval of any project rests with the Principal. Students must complete “follow-up” portion of the Community Service form following the activity, including actual hours served and supervisor’s signature. In the “Follow-Up” portion of the form, each student must briefly describe the benefits of his/her service to the community, as well as the benefits the student received personally.

Completed forms must be turned in to the Counseling Office. Upon completion of 60 approved hours, 1/2 credit will be placed on the student’s transcript, and the Community Service form(s) will be filed in the student’s portfolio. This course will be Pass/Fail (not graded), but will count toward graduation requirements. Failure to complete this project will result in no diploma issued to the student. The Community Service credit requirement will be waived for students who transfer to G-E-T for their Senior year.