Badger State Representatives

The Badger State representatives from the Class of 2017 have been selected.

Representatives are selected based on:

1) LEADERSHIP – ability to lead and to assume responsibility for leadership; an organizer, with ability
to execute a project in harmony with others

2) CHARACTER – high standard of conduct (cooperative, considerate, courteous); good reputation;
dependable; truthful; fine ideals; punctual; interest in family and school; willingness to follow rigid rules

3) INTEREST IN GOVERNMENT & CITIZENSHIP – American history and social problems;
community participation and services; keen sense of right; patriotism; citizen responsibility

Organizations from Galesville, Ettrick, Trempealeau and surrounding communities sponsor these students to attend week-long Americanism programs.Badger Girls State and Badger Boys State students separately become “51st” states and will function according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Trempealeau Lions Club, and area Veterans’ groups are working to keep patriotism a part of the education of our children; the entire program is non-partisan, non-political and hopes to instill in the participating youth a love of country.

The following students have been selected and are looking forward to attending Badger State this summer:

-Sponsored by Ettrick American Legion Auxiliary – Jasmine Kratt, Dakotah Daffinson

-Sponsored by Trempealeau Lions Club – Adeliah Schalow, Kyle Vance and Ayden Tranberg (Alternate)

-Sponsored by Galesville Area Veterans/Rowles-McBride American Legion – Jayne Edlin, Jordan Cox

Badger Girls State will be held at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh June 19-24, 2016. 

Badger Boys State will be held at Ripon College June 11-18, 2016.

2016 Badger State