Grade 5 Classroom Links – Galesville

USA Geo Quiz


Career Cruising


Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive – Printables

USDA Food Guide Pyramid


Writing – Elements of a Story


IXL Log in – Get the user name and
password from your teacher



Science Websites

Animal Communication


Social Studies

American History/Buffalo

The Anasazi

Colonial Williamsburg

History Globe/Jamestown

Mayan Kids

Me oh Maya: Time Warp Trio

Rain Forest

Rain Forest Rescue

USA Geo Quiz

World War II

Government – Federal

The White House/Government

President’s Cabinet

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Government – State

Wisconsin Government

Wisconsin Government Kids Page

Wisconsin State Legislature

Wisconsin State Senate

Mound web sites

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Westward Expansion


* The Gold Rush
Facts for Now – Gold Rush

Idaho State University – Gold Rush

PBS-The Klondike Gold Rush

* Lewis and Clark
National Park Service-Lewis & Clark

* Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana State Museum

Social Studies for Kids – Louisiana Purchase

* National Road
National Road Association of Illinois

* Oregon Trail
All About the Oregon Trail

Historic Oregon City

Idaho State University  In search area type in Oregon Trail

Oregon~California Trails Association Click on History

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

* Pony Express

Pony Express National Museum

* Railroads
History of Railroads and Maps

* Santa Fe National Trail
National Park Service In search are type in Santa Fe National Trail

* Transcontinental Railroad
Central Pacific Railroad museum

PBS American Experience

* Trail of Tears

Facts for Now Enter the keyword: Trail of Tears

* Western Expansion
National Park Service In search area type in Western Expansion

Idaho State University Click on Search ISU. In search area type in Western Expansion