Physical Education

Welcome To Physical Education. . . . where kids become stars!

Mr. Mahlum, Specialist

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to a fun-filled year of physical education. I am especially excited about the Elementary Physical Education program because of the great variety of activities that will be offered to your child this year. Your child will once again receive instruction from a physical education specialist 3 days a week this year. We will run on a six day cycle so your child will have physical education on days 1, 3 and 5.

Whole group and individual instruction are utilized for skill and social development. Students are not just instructed “what” to do. The “whys” and “how” of skill development, strategy, and concepts for healthy living are stressed.

I hope every child can have an active, enjoyable, and successful physical education experience; one where action, learning and fun are emphasized rather than winning.

Lessons are divided into four parts:

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Fitness Component
  3. Main Lesson
  4. Conclusion

Students in grades 3-6 are involved in a fitness assessment every fall and spring semester. Goal setting and success in reaching goals is stressed.

I am looking forward to having your child be part of the program.


Rob Mahlum, Physical Education Specialist


  1. Tennis shoes with ties or velcro straps for class activities. (Please no sandals, slip-on shoes, jellies, boots, dress shoes, or black soled shoes that mark floors.)
  2. Dress in comfortable clothes. Dress for the weather in the fall and spring months because we will be going outside for many of our activities.


  1. Parental excuses must be written to the physical education specialist. Your child should present this note to the physical specialist before class begins.
  2. Excuses for more than one day require a doctor’s written statement.

Your child will receive three trimester physical education grades. Grades are divided into the following parts; age appropriate skills, age appropriate knowledge, and demonstration of responsibility and work habit.

The goal of all evaluation is not to compare your child to another, but to provide a tool through which you, as a parent, can monitor your child’s social and physical growth.

Please watch in the school newsletter for important dates and announcements in physical education.

1. Warm-Up: The warm-up is a short 3-5 minute activity that is meant to raise the core body temperature and get the muscles ready for more vigorous activity.

2. Fitness Component: The fitness portion of the class is an activity that teaches students about how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Academic, as well as, movement activities are an important part of teaching fitness.

3. Main Lesson: The main lesson is where the teaching of the new skill takes place. A number of techniques: modeling or demonstrating, verbal descriptions, guided practice and skill drills are used. The focus of the main lesson is three-fold; that is, to develop or continue to develop:

  • a) general motor abilities
  • b) basic sport skills
  • c) total body physical fitness

Games are used, not to establish a winner or loser, but to provide the children an opportunity to apply fundamental skills and knowledge learned in the lesson; to give the children an active, exciting, closing activity; and to give the child an opportunity to work cooperatively and socially within a team or unit.

4. Conclusion: This is where children walk, stretch, or are brought together for a general group wrap-up of the lesson. We understand that it is important that a child’s body not just be brought to a sudden halt but that it be gradually slowed down.