Grade 5 Internet Links – Ettrick

Career Cruising



Arkive pictures (Images of life on earth)

Online Reaction Time Test

Scavenger Hunt

The Skeletal System

 * Inventions and Inventors

Inventor Info

 * Solar System and Space Websites

The Solar System in Pictures

Solar System Simulator-NASA

Nine Planets Solar System Tour

Solar System @ NationalGeographic

Welcome to the Planets

Sky and Telescope – This Week’s Sky at a Glance

Social Studies


Government – State

Wisconsin State Legislature

Wisconsin State Senate

Wisconsin Symbols Quizlet

Westward Expansion



The Gold Rush
Facts for Now Enter the keyword: Gold Rush

Idaho State University Search area: Gold Rush

PBS-Gold Rush

* Lewis and Clark
National Park Service-Lewis & Clark

* Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana State Museum

Social Studies for Kids – Louisiana Purchase

* National Road
National Road Association of Illinois

* Oregon Trail
All About the Oregon Trail

FactHound   Type in this book ID: 0756500451.  Click on the Fetch It button.

Historic Oregon City Click on History and then “Oregon Trail History”

Idaho State University Search area: Oregon Trail

Oregon~California Trails Association Click on History

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

* Pony Express

Pony Express National Museum

St Joseph Museum

* Railroads
History of Railroads and Maps

* Santa Fe National Trail
National Park Service In search are type in Santa Fe National Trail

* Transcontinental Railroad
Central Pacific Railroad museum

PBS American Experience

* Trail of Tears

Facts for Now Enter the keyword: Trail of Tears

* Western Expansion
National Park Service In search are type in Western Expansion

Idaho State University Click on Search ISU. In search area type in Western Expansion