The Parent-Student Handbook contains information about the school day and policies that are necessary in its day- to-day operation. The school and home, working cooperatively, have one main goal—the optimum progress in all areas of development for each child.

We will encourage all of our students to strive for academic excellence, good citizenship, and to be an active participant in school activities. Students will be expected to “Take Flight, Do It Right” and demonstrate learned behaviors for being safe, respectful, and responsible at school. Only with parent cooperation can we continually assist your child in obtaining a high quality education.

We encourage parents to be active in school activities, to volunteer when possible, and to stay informed about your child’s progress at school. We will communicate with you on a regular basis through notices, newsletters, etc.

Please read this handbook carefully with your child(ren). Your knowledge of the material in this handbook can help eliminate misunderstandings that could develop during the school year. If you have questions or concerns regarding the operation of our school, please contact a staff member or building principal for further clarification. We look forward to a great year of learning at G-E-T Elementary Schools.


Lindsey Schubert, Principal Galesville Elementary
17151 French Rd
Galesville, WI 54630

Pete Peterson, Principal Ettrick Elementary
22750 Washington St
Ettrick, WI 54627

Sam Ruud, Principal Trempealeau Elementary
24231 5th St
Trempealeau, WI 54661

 Elem Parent Handbook 2017-2018 (Coming soon. Please check back)

4K Handbook 2017-2018