Early Childhood Special Education

Contact Information

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Joy Ranney

Speech and Language Pathologist
Amanda McCoy

General Information

The Early Childhood Special Education services emphasize early identification and intervention for children from three to five years of age with special education needs. Such intervention tends to minimize the need for future specialized services by eliminating or decreasing the effects of the disability on life activities. Children eligible for service through the Early Childhood Special Education program may have hearing or vision impairments, physical disabilities, emotional difficulties, delays in speech/language development, self-care abilities or thinking skills. A team of teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals work closely with parents to determine the child’s needs and design an appropriate individualized program to meet those needs. Since each child’s total development is of concern, activities are designed which will enhance functioning in all areas.

The Early Childhood Special Education Program promotes
  • cognitive, social and emotional growth
  • improved gross and fine motor skills
  • appropriate language skills
  • home and school communication through:
    • newsletters
    • home-School communication folders
    • regular conferences
    • home visits


  • WI Model Early Learning Standards and “The Creative Curriculum®”

  ECSE Brochure