1. The Emergency Nursing Service shall be provided under the direction of a nurse currently registered in Wisconsin, who is knowledgeable and skilled in emergency nursing care.
  2. Medical direction will be provided for the Emergency Nursing Service by a physician/medical advisor.
  3. There shall be a person/persons, designated by the school principal in each building responsible for carrying out the emergency nursing procedures, when the District Nurse is not in the school complex.
  4. Each school/complex shall have two (2) people designated by the principal who are currently certified in CPR and two (2) people certified in first aid.
  5. Emergency forms for students are to be completed and/or updated annually and kept on file in the health service area or school office. Teachers and staff will be alerted of a student’s special medical condition to ensure the student’s safety. Emergency forms will include area for parents/guardians to indicate:
    1. Parents/ guardians-name, phone numbers (home and work).
    2. Student’s doctor/dentist-name, phone number.
    3. Hospital preference.
    4. Health history.
    5. Parent designated personal contact-in the event parents cannot be contacted in an emergency.
    6. Permission for school personnel to obtain medical/emergency care in the event of an emergency.
  6. There will be a designated health service room in each school complex where students may receive emergent care for injury, illness, observation, and assured infection control.
  7. Student illness/injury during the regular school day will be documented on a Daily Health Service Log.
  8. Equipment and supplies shall be readily accessible to provide emergent care of students and staff presenting with injury or illness to the health service area.
  9. Field trip first aid kits are available in the health service area. Field Trip Permission Slips should be taken on all field trips. Permission slips should include where the parent can be contacted during the field trip.
  10. Accident reports are to be completed for school curricular/co-curricular injuries requiring medical attention beyond basic first-aid.

An accident is to be reported if it:

      1. Occurs in the school building.
      2. Occurs on the school playground.
      3. Occurs at a school sponsored activity.
      4. Requires the services of a physician.
      5. Requires medical service beyond basic first-aid.
      6. Might be cause for liability at a later date.

11.  Confidentiality standards shall be maintained according to federal and state
*Immunization records are not considered part of the confidential health record
and will be included with the cumulative school record when a child transfers to
another district.
12.  Liability-Personnel designated to provide emergency care shall be covered by
liability insurance purchased by the school district. The Superintendent of Schools will
be responsible to assure liability coverage for all designated school employees.

Communicable Diseases

It is the responsibility of the parent to report all communicable disease to the appropriate school office. Communicable diseases such as Strep Throat, Chickenpox or Head Lice should be reported immediately. Please note, the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District has a “NO NIT” policy in relationship to head lice. The policy is as follows:

Exclusion from school

The Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District shall maintain a strict “No Nit” Policy. Students with evidence of head lice or nits will be sent home for appropriate treatment. The student’s head will be examined on the student’s return to school, if nits are observed the student will be excluded from school until he/she is “nit-free”. One day of school absence is appropriate for removal of lice/nits. Students will be considered truant after one day.

Additional Polices

All policies are available for review at the School District Office, or online at G-E-T School Board Policies.