From the School Nurse

Download Gale Elem Parent Head Lice Letter Nov. 2017

November 17, 2017

Parents/Guardians of Galesville Elementary Students,

We need your help! An uninvited guest has invaded the Galesville Elementary School. The head louse has moved in. Preventative measures are in place at school. Prevention is key. A head lice brochure is given to every family when a child is enrolled in Kindergarten or into the District. Need a new brochure, contact the school secretary or nurse.  “Mrs. Louse” and her family of small nits can invade a warm head and make themselves “at home” very quickly. Any human head can make a good home for the “Louse Family”, “Mrs. Louse” does not discriminate towards gender, economic or social status. Help us send her and her family packing!


*Please check your child(ren)’s head daily for the next couple of weeks and then please include head checks as part of your shampoo routine.

*Head lice, chickenpox and strep throat are communicable diseases that should be reported to the school office, on the day they occur.  Information is shared with the classroom teacher, but no names of students or parents are released to the general population.  The head louse can survive up to 52 hours without a human host to live on.  With this knowledge, we know our school is “free of head lice” every Monday morning or after an extended school break.

Communicable diseases travel quickly. It helps us, at school, to track communicable diseases if we know the exact number of cases we are dealing with. It makes a difference in procedure if we think we are dealing with an initial case or multiple cases in a classroom.


*Please do not share personal items, such as combs, hair accessories, hats, caps, head phones, pillows (basically anything that touches your head)

*Store your hat/cap in the sleeve of your coat or your backpack while you are at school.

*Ask your parents to wash your hats/caps frequently.

*If your head is itchy have your parent or the school nurse check it right away, don’t wait.

The head louse does not fly or jump but they do crawl very quickly. Sharing personal items or head to head contact are the primary routes of transmission.

Questions, please call the school ASAP.

Barbara Hogden RN

Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau SD