Students Helping Others

  • Students and staff at Trempealeau Elementary donated $2,630.50 in 20 minutes over four days. There was amazing generosity and competition! The money will benefit GET Area Food Pantry and ten Trempealeau County “Kids in Need” this Christmas.

    A big thanks to the TE Student Council for making each “Kid in Need” a custom blanket. Thanks to the TE PTO for the penny drawings each day. Thanks to a wonderful group of money counters who spent hours counting coins! Thanks to all the students, staff and parents who shopped for the Kids in Need. And finally, thanks to all the people who donated their coins and dollars for this event! (excerpt from 2017 January Newsletter)

  • Ettrick Elementary students and staff donated to the Trempealeau County Humane Society in lieu of the traditional Christmas gift exchange. Besides a large number of cleaning products, food items and toys, a total of $150.00 and 3 gift cards were collected. Thank you to everyone who donated. (excerpt from EE Jan 2017 newsletter)
  • G-E-T Culinary Arts students will bake, decorate and serve Christmas Cookies at Christmas at Old Main on Saturday, December 17.
  • The G-E-T High School Gourmet Foods Class hosted the district’s bus drivers and Counseling staff for a Thanksgiving Meal.  The Gourmet Students, who are in their second culinary arts course, created a menu, prepared the items and came in early Monday morning to serve these special guests.
  • The G-E-T Middle School Food Drive was a great success! They brought in over 5,000 food items! Great job!